Innovation in Biomedical Engineering

Bio-Medical Micro Devices (BioMEMS) research at UBC works to miniaturize systems or devices, such as implants or lab instruments. BioMEMS research has a profound impact on the future of medicine. Our research focuses on areas including implantable microelectrodes, chemical sensors, and microfluidic devices.

In our Implantable microelectrodes research we are attempting to increase biocompatibility of implants used for extended periods of time in patients. Our Chemical sensor research combines nanotechnology and microtechnology to use polymer nanofibres for more accurate testing. In our lab we are also using microfluidic devices to test tumor cells using three-dimensional cell cultures.

Students in the BioMEMs lab work on a multitude of inter-disciplinary levels richly integrating biology and engineering to include material science, chemistry and cell biology.

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MicroTAS 2018

Soroush Nasseri will give a poster presentation of our work at the MicroTAS 2018 conference in Taiwan. Hope to see you there!


MicroTAS 2017

Soroush Nasseri will give poster presentations of our work at the MicroTAS 2017 conference in Savannah. Hope to see you there!


SLAS 2017

Samantha Grist will be presenting as a Top 5 Finalist for the SLAS2017 poster competition on February 6 in Washington DC. Hope to see you there!